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Education 2.0

When I started taking the online class in Machine Learning I thought “Wow, this is great!”. The subject was not trivial, yet Andrew Ng managed to convey it in a simple and engaging way. The tasks were not meant to be too easy or wrecking hard, but hard enough to learn from them. I had thought that a class where you can’t actually ask a question mid-session might lose some of its effects, but it turned out you can ask questions during class, only it wasn’t Andrew Ng that answered them. You could just hit pause and Google it, Wiki it, or simply search for it on the class discussion boards.

I went to one of Germany’s top universities, my lecturers are great professionals, my classes were usually small, under 20 students, and the attitude towards grading has never been stressful. We never experienced “weeding” and we always had the right to ask questions and receive additional help outside the classroom. The reason I’m saying this is that if there could be something that is better than what I’ve had in my years as a student it should very much be like what the people at Stamford started last year.

I’m sharing with you a video of a talk that Sebastian Thrun gave at DLD 2012 about a week ago. It is basically the story of how it all started and where it has lead him to. And not to make a terrible spoiler I’ll only share that I’ve sighed up for one of his next classes that start in two weeks. If you feel that you might also be interested just follow this link to his new blog.


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