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Damn Old White Folks

No wonder that no one feels the Oscar fever this year — aparently the people who care are too dead to feel it. I was sort of optimistic about it, I thought it won’t matter what the majority of the Academy is made of and they’ll make sure they appear modern, liberal, and objective in their choice. I was wrong.

Still haven’t seen The Artist and still not liking it because it’s still silent. Still think it’s a good movie, and I still think it shouldn’t win anything. I’ve seen today that I’m not alone on this one. People seem to think that as much as it is a good and sort of novel idea to make a silent movie in the 21st century it just can’t be the best there is! This is like giving the Engine of the Year Award to a new computer-controlled engine with a carborator — it’s absurd.

For those of you who care — my success rate from yesterday is 50% + Christopher Plummer won his Oscar as I was personally hoping.

Now I offer you a tribute to all movies that for better or for worse didn’t make it this year. And pay attention at the end…

What did I tell you about Drive? Btw, not really apreciating HP being in here.


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