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Shame. Not the Movie

I read an article today telling about some Christian moms’ society that petitioned the pulling out of the market of a childrens book issue that contained a gay wedding. Aparently the moms were troubled by the complexity of same sex marrages and how they will affect the children.

It seems to me that the moms are in a bit of a pickle. See the books sold out. So now they’ll have to explain to their children that they’ve been lying to them their whole lives that only a man and a woman can marry. Or they could continue with the lying of course. But all of that is not really the problem.

I’m going to back up right up to Genesis chapter from the Bible and I’m going to remind the good Christian moms how it was in the garden of Eden before shame was introduced. That’s right, shame. Shame is the uncomfort that we feel when we think we overstep some boundary that is set by us, the society, the moral code, or whatever else abstract notion we came up with.

Now come back to the more recent years and listen to the great John Lenon, and imagine a world where there is no gay or straight, there is no shame in same sex love, partnership or intercourse, and think about it. If you weren’t taught it’s wrong, if it was not shunned by the society, if that was how things were, would it still be wrong? That’s right, there is nothing wrong with two people loving each other, huging each other, having sex, spending their lives together, having a baby or adopting a baby, or doing a million other things together as a couple or as a family. They don’t need permission from God or the state or anyone for that matter, least of all you, Christian moms’ society.

There is nothing complex about that idea I think. There is nothing complex about gay people. The complexity comes from the lines our societies draw, the stereotypes they pay tribute to, and the intolerance we ourselves create.

Now I don’t get any personal benefit from that matter, I still fit with society’s norms and rules about sex and love. But I’m just thinking about it. If my dad was to impose on me to marry a blonde girl, for example. Sure, blonde girls are liked much better on the average, but I might just happen to fall in love with a brunette or a redhead. Will I feel gay then, cuz I don’t want what I’m supposed to? It’s not right, that’s all.


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