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The Old Dog is Falling Apart

It’s settled. I need a new computer. Up to now I was thinking about it like it was just another fancy toy I wanted to buy, but I feel that the shit is getting real. My hard drive has been doing those funny noises from time to time (I know, I have all the irreplaceable things backed up) and now this.

You see the small thing showing up right of the Page Up button? It’s showing up because part of the joint/hinge connecting the lid with the body of the laptop is broken or starting to brake. I still don’t know that so I try to force it in place. I try a bunch of other stuff and finally I push the lid backwards till the hinge cover pops out and I was able to pull this out…

So it’s settled then. I need to save up for this little buddy…


One thought on “The Old Dog is Falling Apart

  1. Jonathan Khoo says:

    nice! i love my macbook air, even though it’s not my main computer (though it would be if i weren’t forced to be a PC for work)

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