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A Secret About Blog Traffic?!

God knows I’m an unpopular blogger! You might actually be among the few (probably fewer than my fingers) readers of what I have to say. I usually get so few hits that it makes me depressed. All of those 9gag senseless clicks and likes going on and none bother to check my blog post. A few weeks ago I was excited about the coming out of the trailer of the new Game of Thrones season and I blogged about it. I included a wallpaper from the new season as well, but I didn’t copy it on my machine like I usually do, rather I was lazy and just put up the URL of the image. I suddenly started getting lots of traffic every day from Google and what i think was happening is that my article didn’t attract as much attention as the image did. Or at least that’s my guess.

So I ‘ve decided to make an experiment with blog traffic. I’ll post in this article a few wallpapers related to movies, series, etc. and I’ll tag them accordingly. I may even throw in a trailer or of some hot movie like Prometheus and I’ll wait for miracles to happen.

Don is back. Mad Men New Season

Don is back. Mad Men New Season

This seems pretty minimalistic, but I thought I’d give it a try. The new Mad Men season has started successfully for all I know. I’m not a fan of the show, nut I do appreciate a good scandal, i.e. the NYC billboards with the falling man. I mean how ridiculous is that — it’s been 10 years; get over it! Besides, people jump off buildings all the time, why should only 9/11 people be offended?!

Mad Men New Season March 25 Wallpaper

Mad Men New Season March 25. Wallpaper

Well, what the hell — I’ll throw in another one 🙂

Prometheus Wallpaper

Prometheus Wallpaper

A movie that I am personally very much interested in is Prometheus. I think it has great potential for being the Alien, only not so grose. It also seems quite interesting as a story and quite beautiful in terms of CGI and effects. The cast is made of rising stars and I particularly like the Logan Marshall-Green’s part. There’s also the original Lisbeth actress — Noomi Rapace. Can’t wait again 🙂

Total Recall 2012. Wallpaper. Colin Farrel

Total Recall 2012. Wallpaper. With Colin Farrel

I’m not sure what to make of this Total Recall remake. My first memories of the movie are good, but this is only because I was a child back then. I’ve seen the Schwarzenegger version a few years ago and it wasn’t as great as I thought before. I just hope they keep the three-titted prostitute, I really do.

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Wallpaper Bella Swan

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Wallpaper Bella Swan

Well, this might not be exactly authentic, but I can’t seriously hope for more traffic than what Twilight can offer. The last (hoorey!) episode of the Twilight Saga is coming out this year and my hopes are that lots and lots of silly teens will hit my blog in an attempt to download this crappy piece of art that claims to be the Part 2 poster.

The Hunger Games Wallpaper. Effie

The Hunger Games Wallpaper. Effie

The Hunger Games is a personal favourite and I’ll go and actually see it very soon. As soon as Black March is gone actually. I hope you enjoy Elizabeth Banks as I do. She really pulls off a creepy look in that movie. I mean this make up is crazy!

David Hasselhoff. The Hoff

David Hasselhoff. The Hoff

And here’s something I couldn’t have passed on while browsing wallpapers. The Hoff is literally a God Among Men on this wallpaper. I hope you girls enjoy it 🙂


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