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Lots of Kitch and Vivid Colours

Those of you few readers that haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet, just hit close and come back when you have, becase there’s gonna be some serious spoilers ahead.

I needed some time to reflect upon the movie after seeing it to make up its real face as I see it now. I was really excited about this movie, because of all the advertising, star cast and I also have something going on with Jeniffer Lawrence. She’s sort of cute, but then not  exactly, so I don’t put her movies in the Megan-Fox-sort-of-motivation pile. But anyway, I had some sort of epic strugle and culmination expectation about this movie. I expected to see a character that is headstrong, selfless, moral, and rebellious. After all the trailer suggested exactly that: she volunteers instead of her sister as tribute to the games and Peeta gives this inspiring speech about going out on his own terms, showing them that they don’t own them…

And yet, the movie turned out to be a classic tale of a reality show development scenario. I kept waiting for the real deal to show up, but it didn’t. There are also a number of things that didn’t make sense in the development of the reality shows, like the beginning of the games and that staged bloodbath (who in their right mind will go right into it knowing they’ll be outrun or outskilled in the imminent fight?), but I really don’t want to go there. From the girl that took her sister’s place, Katniss turned into a “yes, sir — no, sir” person who didn’t know how to handle the situation, so just went with the flow. There was a moment of brief defiance that unfortunately was the peak of the whole movie. The moment she struck that apple and said “Thank you for your consideration!”, she was basically giving them the finger. And then the moment it all began she grabbed a bag and ran for the woods alone not looking back. The whole thing became about surviving and winning and even worse for Peeta who actually helped the “bad guys” find her when they got him. Some survival instincts!

Instead of being a leader and some sort of rebel, she became a selfish runner. She teamed up with Rue only after the little girl came to help her risking her own life? And she went after Peeta only after hearing that they can both win? That seems to me like the opposite of what they were trying to sell in the trailer.

On top of all that, the whole star-crossed lovers actually happening looked completely ridiculous. A much more plausible story would have been if they had some sort of last rights sex the night before going in. Now it seems like they just let themselves be directed into being lovers.

For me the bottomline is that it is a “pretty movie”. It deserves an oscar for all that make-up and costumes! It has reasonable acting, well I have to say Elizabeth Banks certainly pulls off an unexpected new face. The world it’s place in is interesting in it’s details, but the main idea is certainly not original. There are many other movies with similar plots and sort of better outcome — even if I may say so The Running Man. There’s something wrong with the plot, it’s just not right. It doesn’t build up to a brewing rebellion that is going to start in the next installment, and certainly not a rebellion lead by Katniss. What, she’s gonna wake up the next morning and decide the government made fools out of them and they’re terribly oppressed, so they might actually do something about it. It might be all so different in the book, I know, but then again, could it really? It was an OK movie to go see with friends on a dead Easter Monday, just not one I’d remember.


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