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LoveFilm or Love Money?

Just tried to sign up for the instant watching service at and was denied access to the free trial. The reason being that a free trial has already been granted to my address and if I want to use the service I need to pay right away. Given that I also provided my full name and debit card number along with the address such reasoning comes as a surprise to me. I have no doubt that a person has already used this address to try out the service. It is only normal to be so as I live in a student shared house where people come and go sometimes a few times a year. I suspect that this is just another of the anglo-saxon cheap business tricks that I’ve grown to recognise and circumvent in my time in England. I tried to enter my neighbour’s address (they’re an old couple that probably only use their PC for skype and emails), but I’ve already been marked as a customer that used their free service.

It seems that LoveFilm love money much more than films and try to bully their clients into signing up before even sampling their survice. Signing up for instant access movie service is not something I’m wiling to do in the dark. These people are aware that if their product is shit, no one is going to pay them a dime while there are many free web sites providing the same quality services, however legally ambivalent they might be.

Dear, LoveFilm, stop thinking that you are selling products, you’re not! You’re selling a service and you’d better start advertising it as such if you want to keep up with all the ones that give it away for free.


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